I’ve just been reading twitter in my browser – it’s a bad procrastination habit but now I at least try to read good, creative, often positive things as a way to make it a good habit – and I prefer scrolling via the keyboard. The cursor is in the address bar and it is very difficult to get it out of there, maybe even impossible… this is a terrible design and surely only made to encourage people into just getting the app and, more importantly, only really using it on your phone/iPad.

It is utterly frustrating to see “everybody” (read: lots of mostly active people) using these silos, these services, and just going along with it like cattle. It is a wave of lazy living, lazy thinking, and fear-lead decision making that has brought us to a point wherein good stories on the web are now largely trapped within ecosystems that are increasingly designed to be prisons and little more.

The question is: just give up and go with the crowd, or continue to hold what you think is the better idea – in this instance: the open web, open standards, websites made to good standards, accessible postings, and the slow and steady growth of the technologies therein – in the hope that eventually our stories and ideas will become less trapped?