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Over the past few months I have become more serious about maintaining my own site, with my own domain (my name, even), and putting in a concerted effort to both care about and work on what I do on the web. Essentially, I have been trying to care more. That started in November and hits the newest milestone today.

This, my hosted, will now be home to the following:

  • Typical microblog posts; status updates, photos, links, etc.
  • Longer posts in a journal style.
  • Thoughts about, and questions for the community.
  • Experiments that have yet to find a home, be it on my main site or elsewhere.
  • Kitty updates!

I’m happy to have established this new arrangement, having gradually settled into it over the past couple of months; all of February, March, and most of April have been eaten up by moving home and in that time was enough of a writing retreat to help me find relief from the variety of stress that comes with moving.

I have shifted much of the list above from my main site to here, coinciding with better establishing exactly for what I’ll be using my main site. This has happened at the same time as archiving my Twitter account for the second time since November, my broader thoughts about which I’ll be writing about soon but in the meantime I had this and then this to say about it. I have now deactivated my account and will no longer attempt to use Twitter within a personal context.

When it comes to I have;

  • Changed my username to my full real name.
  • Updated my About page, which is now quite long.
  • Created a Now page much like the one on my main site, only made for personal information.
  • Created a third page called Monday, a live archive of my Micro Monday recommendations.

Finally, I am now using the recently released Marfa theme, and have made edits thanks to help from:

I’d like to thank all of the people involved for making it possible to use this theme in such a way as I have.

Discovering, especially with regard to the community, has become a great moment in my online life and I’m so very happy to have settled a branch of that life with Mumblings. I look forward to spending even more of my time here and that wouldn’t be possible without all of you, you magnificent early adopters.

Welcome to Mumblings, my personal every-day blog. :)